Filming in Thailand

during covid-19

Thailand update situation
for filming during COVID-19

Safety is our top priority and fortunately Thailand reacted really fast, so now we’re back and ready to provide a full scale production if you are interest >> contact for more information <<

Due to covid 19, people around the world were affected market was shut, tourism was call off and many countries were locked down all work that are in process had came to a halt as well as filming production industry.

Like our motto “we never stop until we achieve our goal” and with innovative technology as it is nowadays to continue what we’re doing, we look through the best way to producing the high quality for filming during this tough time for our client, introducing “REMOTE SHOOTING”

Due to travel restriction, remote shooting provide the seamless workflow between film maker, agency , director and client for communicate with each other easier.This allows for the client to have complete control over any shooting done in a remote capacity.

How remote shoot’s work

At flying tiger film, we use the latest camera equipment and technology to facilitate all remote production shoots.

We use Zoom along with an advanced software called QTAKE, which is specifically design and developed for video assist professionals.

It logs, captures, playbacks , edits and processes the video output of any camera,

Q-Take runs on Mac OS X using latest software and hardware technology available from Apple, Inc. It uses QuickTime-based movie files so you can share your media across QuickTime compatible applications, such as Final Cut Pro.

QTAKE  is able to perform intensive image processing in realtime. This includes live composite with realtime keying capabilities.

Technical Features

Filming in Thailand during COVID-19
New online remote filming